The factory

We have more than 4,000 square meters of space available for knitwear production. Although DAVID JORDA is our own men's brand, in TEXTILES CAMPILLO we collaborate with other quality brands that bet on the made in Spain.

Knitwear specialists

Since 1977 we have been designing and manufacturing knitwear always with the highest quality in processes and raw materials

Design and trends

We always pay attention to the latest news and trends, so that we can apply them to our collections. Knitwear with a different touch.

Possibility of customization

As we produce everything ourselves, we can adapt 100% to the needs of the client.

Raw Materials

We select the best yarns to improve the quality and durability of the garments we produce.

Corporate Responsibility

The maximum guarantees with our workers and with the environment that surrounds us for a sustainable production

Customer Service

With a close and direct treatment, we always offer the maximum guarantee and service to our customers.

Made in Spain

We produce everything in our facilities, 4000 square meters dedicated to the production of knitwear.


We collaborate in the manufacture of knitwear for men's, women's and children's brands throughout the European Union.

More information

You can find more information about our company and our services at